The Sun Never Sets On My MLM Business

September 8, 2010

MLM Marketing, Motivation

The other day I was talking to a friend and partner of mine about our businesses and how exciting it was to have a team growing in so many countries.  We started to formulate a plan to take an around the world trip to meet our team members face to face and celebrate their success as well as our own.

And suddenly he said to me, “You know Erica, with the team you have now, the sun literally never sets on your business.  Someone is always making you money.”

When I got off the phone I thought more about what he had said.

What a powerful thing to have working for you.  A money making machine that is duplicating itself over and over again continuously around the world even when you are fast asleep.  As one city raps up their day another is just getting started.

Kind of like a tag team wrestling match!  One team member gets tired and the other steps in to take over!

And what it means in dollars and cents is our business is based on real leverage and the best way to earn a significant residual income.

Now I have to admit this did not happen overnight. It took me a lot of time, money and patience to get my business to this point.  But it did happen and now it can’t be stopped!

By combining the right systems and a business plan that is easy to duplicate with a global business that anyone can and will want to use (no matter what their passion or profession is) we have created a residual stream of income that will only grow as it is introduced into even more cities and countries around the world.

And the best part is (not that the money isn’t great!!!) that I get to use what I have learned and struggled to get right to help others do the exact same thing – in a fraction of the time.  That is really what makes this powerful.

The growth of my business depends on the success of others.  That is why I am so driven to help them reach their goals in the shortest time possible.  Very win win for everyone!

I get to share what has worked best for me and they get my mentorship and 5 + years of experience built into their brand new business opportunity.  (Which costs them less than $200 to get started!)

So here is a quick thank you to all the team members we have scattered around the globe.  New Zealand, Canada, coast to coast across The United States, India, Cameroon, South Africa, The UK, Nigeria…  we can’t thank you enough for your hard work and dedication.

We are proud to be a part of this amazing adventure with you and look forward to your future successes!

We look forward to the day when the sun never sets on your business!

Make it a great day (where ever you are)!


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2 Responses to “The Sun Never Sets On My MLM Business”

  1. Rodney Jansen Says:


    Reading this post, really brings into focus the power of this amazing industry and more specifically the business we are involved with. With your amazing training system combined with our business opportunity makes a winning combination.
    Rodney Jansen recently posted..Living In A Glass World

  2. Michael B Wilbraham Says:

    WOW! Erica, I never thought about it like this before.

    What more inspiration does one need to keep at it until successful?

    I guess you’re a real, live testimony to the saying – “NEVER, ever…give up!

    Thanks for the inspiration & all your support.
    Michael B Wilbraham recently posted..Pareto’s Law And Your Network Marketing Business

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